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Space isn't remote at all.
It's only an hour's drive away if your car could go upwards.

-Fred Hoyle-

The Importance of Mir

In Russian, Mir means peace. The Mir space station is recognized as the international symbol for peace, housing cosmonauts and astronauts from 12 nations, including Russia, the United States, Canada, Syria, Afghanistan, Germany, Great Britain, and Japan.

Over 20,000 space experiment sessions have been performed in the 14-year history of the station. As a result, Mir is considered a landmark on the road of scientific progress. Worldwide, the word Mir has become synonymous for the advancement of technology over the latter 20th century and the beginning of life in space.

It is becoming a "spacemark" of human life outside of Earth. Through privatizing the renovation and maintenance of the Mir, it can stand for years to come as an emblem of how much humanity can achieve.

In this section, explore the construction and history of the space station, its state today, and the future of the first wonder of the galactic world, Mir.


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